RIC Hearing Aid KL

Oticon Real miniRITE T is a discreet hearing aid style with disposable batteries, telecoil, and a double push-button. It brings back the real sounds of life using technology that supports how your brain naturally works. Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology to support hands-free communication and seamless connectivity with compatible devices.

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Durable and rechargeable hearing aids with Speech Preservation Technology and ultra-fast synchronization

BiCore hearing aids are also available in a rechargeable RIC version with a telecoil.

With a full charge, wearers can expect 39 hours without streaming or 36 hours with 5 hours of streaming.

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Our most popular model, now with Motion Core technology

  • Automatically adapts to your sound situation
  • Durable, practical and easy-to-use
  • Rechargeable option
When you trust your senses to keep you safe and sound – hearing clearly in every situation is a must.

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